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At Reider Family Dentistry, we take pride in the feedback we receive from our patients. Their stories are a testament to the care and dedication we put into every visit.

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Our patients' words speak volumes about the trust and relationships we've built. Read through the experiences shared by those who have been part of our dental family.

"Dr. Maxwell and Ellie were wonderful with my 2 year old. They were very patient with her as this was her first dental visit. We love this office and would highly recommend them for all ages!"

Tiara J.

"I've had a fear of going to the dentist due to bad experiences in the past at other offices. Reider Family Dentistry does such a good job at making me feel relaxed and comfortable - they explain what will be happening at each appointment, what to expect before/during/after, answer all questions I have, and explain each step as they're doing it. My fear of the dentist has gone down IMMENSELY since I've started coming to this office. I even choose my dental insurance plan based on if they're in network. I 100% recommend this office and will never go anywhere else again."

Baylee K.

"I want to first say if you have any dental anxiety or bad dental experiences Dr. Reider's office isn't like the rest of them. I have had issues for years going to the dentist this is the first time that I've ever had an office talk to me about the treatment plan and explain everything that was going to happen. Dr. Reider's staff goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable being in the dentist office. Dr. Reider explains step by step of what he was going to be doing this visit. I had a ton of anxiety when I walked in but by the time I walked out I had a lot less anxiety. I will be making the hour and fifteen minute drive in the future. If you're not already a patient and looking for a new dentist give Dr. Reider's office a chance."

Jeremy B.

"I'm picky about my dental experiences and have had only positive experiences at Reider Family Dentistry. Everyone from the front office, to the hygienists, to both doctors have been great! As a patient without dental insurance, the front office staff have been helpful and honest when explaining the most cost-effective way to be a patient. I highly recommend Reider Family Dentistry!"

Michelle H.

"The staff is friendly and great with both my kids but especially my 4 year old daughter! She is not afraid to go to the dentist at all. In fact she looks forward to seeing everyone there. This makes me so happy because I remember how much anxiety I had as a child going to the dentist. Thanks Reider staff!!"

Anne P.

"We just switched offices and I was a little nervous taking my boys to a new office (my sister was their hygienist and is no longer practicing hygiene.) The staff at Reider are so patient and caring, explaining everything to my 6-year-old, making sure he understood exactly what was happening and very patient with his curiosity and nervousness. It was my 2-year-olds first dental visit and they were so kind and patient making sure he enjoyed his visit. This is a great place to take young kids!"

Elizabeth M.

Video Testimonials

Sharing Their Smiles - Patient Success Stories

Every smile has a story. Discover how our personalized dental care has transformed the lives and smiles of our patients.

In the above photo, we were thankful for the opportunity to help this patient rebuild her original smile! She came to us because she lost most of her teeth and her bite was collapsed. Dr. Reider was able to use implants and dentures to reopen her bite and help her become happy/proud of her smile again (and do it in a way to allow her not to lose any of her ability to taste the food she loves!)

If you are unhappy with your smile or chewing ability and would like to find out more about what your opportunities could be, we would be happy to help!

In the above photo, we are thankful for the opportunity to transform our patients’ smiles and help build confidence! Our patient here wanted to have a smile she could be proud of and she nailed it! For this case we used fillings and crowns to ideally match the teeth for long-term beauty. Thanks again for the opportunity and we hope to see your smile out and about this summer!

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